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Collection: Crystal Tables

Crystals have been cherished and used for thousands of years, improving and enriching our lives. Each stone has unique metaphysical and healing capabilities that can have a big impact on our lives. Crystals can assist in removing energy blockages and strengthening the mind, body, and spirit by working with the body's energy centres, or Chakras. Crystal tables are a wonderful way to utilise the energy within crystals. 

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Stoned Crystals has a beautiful selection of crystal tables of different sizes to cater to your artistic needs. Our Amethyst tables are chosen for intended purposes as Pink Amethyst is an emotional balancer. Its properties include intuition, love, empathy, calmness and acceptance. 

Amethyst table

Amethyst tables are frequently used in spiritual settings, such as for ceremonies, meditation, and healing. Pain and stress are relieved, mood swings are balanced, and healing, these stones bring positivity no matter what shape they are found in. These crystals are also known for their soft and natural appearance. These crystals are frequently worn as pendants in necklaces or hung as wall art. Other people keep them in their pockets as a source of reassurance; the energy is carried with you wherever you go. . They make breath-taking gifts when carefully sculpted into the appropriate shape and gorgeous figurines to display about the house, including in table form.

Our magnificent Pink Amethyst tables deserve to be the centre of attention in your house, and they require very little accessorising to stand out and reveal their beauty fully. Place your table in an area that gets enough natural light to see it shine and glitter all day—creating a sense of happiness, peace, and independence. Allow this table to assist you in maintaining an open heart to the universe. This piece is a mix of pinks and purples, with pockets of druzy scattered throughout.

About Stoned Crystals

Our intention is to make crystals and natural decor products more widely available and show how they can make such a stylish interior statement in our homes and offices. Even if you don't believe crystals can bring specific energy into your life, we want to emphasise the obvious benefits of using them to decorate our spaces, just as we do with plants and other décor items.

Crystal tables make beautiful statement pieces in any home, providing a touch of elegance and harmony as they are stylish and also a source of natural energy. Our tables are unique and special and can be used in the living room as a coffee table. They work as corner tables for lamps and flowers and can also make unique bedside tables for your guest or master bedroom. 

Often we forget that our coffee tables serve as the most important focal point of a living space, bringing together your furniture and ultimately all the loved ones and friends you entertain. What better way to make the best use of this space than by having a unique crystal table serve as your living areas focal point? 

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