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Collection: Crystal Candle Holder & Lights

Lamps might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about crystals. However, Stoned Crystals is here to show you that they should be. Healing crystal lamps can be used to replace ordinary table lamps, providing a soft glow and a considerable boost to spiritual, emotional, and even physical healing.

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What can crystal lamps do?

The sort of crystal and light you select will determine what your crystal lamp can do for you. Selenite removes all negative vibrations from your immediate environment, leaving nothing but serenity, love, and purity. If you want to cultivate crystal clear thinking and filter off distractions, this is one of the most extraordinary stones to use. 

You can use it to cleanse your environment before going to bed, or you can place it in various locations throughout your home to collect stagnant energy. It doesn't matter which way you do it; the lamp doesn't have to be on. That's the beauty of healing crystal lamps: even when they're turned off, you still enjoy the energetic benefits!

If your home is in need of a refresh, we highly recommend the Selenite Tower Lamp. It's especially handy if you have a lot of visitors; newcomers can bring a different energy that doesn't always mesh well with yours. If this is the case, consider placing one in your hallway to absorb any disruptive energy brought in by visitors.

Another crystal lamp to adore is Onyx; it is your gentle warrior and will help you find alignment and stability to help with decision making. Perfect to place in a communal area like a living room or even your bedside table where you can leave your jewellery or your deepest thoughts by it to charge them with good vibes and stability. 

Why choose a crystal lamp for my home?

Healing crystal lamps are always in trend. There are a plethora of designs to choose from, as well as different crystals to utilise and other ways to employ them. The options are limitless! Your Onyx crystal lamp will help you feel grounded and stable right now, and it will continue to do so over the years if it is well cared for. Your selenite light, or any other natural stone lamp, is no exception. 

Remember that crystals are millions of years old when thinking about them. While other lamp characteristics may become obsolete, a crystal will never go out of style. Each healing crystal lamp found here has a distinct shape with a sophisticated beauty that nicely complements current fashion trends.

Would an ordinary table lamp have that same guarantee?

Crystal lamps offer the ideal ambience for your space while also acting as energy boosters. We have a crystal lamp for your bedside table, work desk, or anywhere else in your home to change your room into an extravagant and vibrant paradise, depending on precisely what you want to obtain.

Unlike an ordinary lamp, one of the beautiful qualities of a crystal lamp is that no two are the same. The colours and patterns are unique to the crystal formation of that time and place. So essentially it’s a mark of a time in history! Can anything else compare?! 

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