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Collection: Crystal Bowls & Sinks

Much like our crystal boxes, crystal bowls make terrific spaces to house small personal items like keys, money and jewellery. Place them by your front door, on your coffee table, or nightstand to create a beautiful statement and keep your things safe from getting lost. 

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Crystals have been prized and used to improve and enrich our lives for thousands of years. Each stone has its own metaphysical and healing characteristics, which can have a profound effect on our lives. Crystals can help clear energy blockages and enhance the mind, body, and soul by working with the body's energy centres – The Chakras. Crystal bowls are a great method to tap into the energy that crystals hold.

We hold a selection of quartz bowls, onyx bowls, singing bowls, sinks and more. If you’re looking for a statement piece for your bathroom, our Celeste Onyx Sink Bowl would be a perfect way to stand out in style. If you’re renovating or building your dream home, don’t let your bathroom be the forgotten room, this is the perfect option to ensure you’re using crystals all throughout your house. 

Here you can also find our collection of the ever-popular singing bowl. 

Singing bowls

Crystal singing bowls with a vegan-friendly striking stick are available at Stoned Crystals. Sound bowls are an effective spiritual and home cleansing tool. You can use singing bowls to eliminate negative energy from yourself, your home, and your crystals as part of your healing practice. 

Each of our singing bowls is tuned to a specific frequency that corresponds to one of your body's primary energy centres, or chakra points. Singing bowls' vibration frequencies can help you rebalance your chakras, as well as any other portions of your body that aren't in tune. Singing bowls offer healing abilities that can help to bring the body, mind, and spirit back into harmony.

About Stoned Crystals

Our ultimate purpose is to increase the accessibility of crystals and natural design objects while also demonstrating how they can make a beautiful interior statement in our homes. Even if you don't believe that crystals bring specific energy to your life, we want to highlight the wonderful benefits of using them to decorate our spaces, just as we do with plants and other decorative items.

Find the perfect crystal bowl

We have something for everyone, ranging from small ring bowls to large crystal bowls. They make perfect housewarming gifts for crystal lovers or those looking to start using crystals but don't know how to yet. Place one in the middle of your dining table as a beautiful statement piece or in the bedroom to house your smaller crystals for meditating. Our Shallows Onyx Bowl can even be used to serve food such oysters over ice. Use a crystal bowl for herbs and spices, dried flowers and more. Our bowls are just that versatile! The sky is the limit when using them in the home.

We hope you can browse through our collection and find the right crystal bowl at the right size and in the perfect style for your home.

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